Staff Profile

This months staff profile is our very own Gaye, founder and heartbeat of Gaye’s hair Fashions.

Every month we’ll be profiling another staff member, because at Gaye’s we are very proud of our loyal and dedicated staff. Keep your eyes open for your favourite staff members.

Favourite Colour: Pink

Fondest Childhood Memory: I had an amazing and loving childhood filled with many fond memories, but what stands out is playing with all my cousins at my grandmother’s farm in Peak Crossing.

Who would you like to be stranded on a deserted island with: My Family

Most recent movie seen: ‘Something Borrowed’

Worst thing about work: By the time I’ve finished for the day, there isn’t any time left for me to go shopping.

Best thing about work: I’ve always loved working with people and now, even though I’m not on the floor anymore dealing with customers, I really enjoy and get great pleasure out of watching my staff succeed and develop into amazing hairdressers.  I’ve also met some amazing people and lifelong friends through hairdressing.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Paris! On my last trip I forwent going to tourist spots and found some great little delis and boutiques in side streets that really made me enjoy and embrace the Parisian culture.  But like my granddaughters – I love a beach holiday at Coolangatta.